Julia Michaels – Priest Lyrics

Mm, mm, mm
Yeah, there are liars, but then there’s you, mm
In retrospect, that’s what brought me to you, mm
Guess I thought I could change you to the truth, mm
I don’t know, I don’t know what I was thinking, uh huh
Sometimes, I miss you and then I remember
That I deserve much better
Cover my tattoo about you with another
And now I’m feeling much better
Oh, you broke my heart and now you want some redemption
Oh, it’s obvious that you ain’t learned your lesson
Oh, you’re owning up so you can get to heaven
Oh, but I’m not a priest, so fuck your confession
In my weak moments, I think about you, mm
But not in the way that you think that I do, mm
I’ve actually made up a game with my friends
To see how long until this one ends and the next one begins
I’ve got…